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Art Market Made Easy.

We provide a combination of tools and services to art collectors, galleries and artist entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges of the art market. 

Services for Galleries and Artists

Bringing an Art Business online is challenging – we created a unique service that combines tools to showcase and sell your art in a single platform.  Our subscription-based services allow you to tap into our advanced infrastructure so you never have to worry about website maintenance, security measures, AML compliance and GDPR again.

Learn more about Artist Service Plus and Gallery Services.

Art Advisory

Over the course of time, innovative artists and those who collected their works have been rewarded. We believe it is our duty to introduce collectors to the most exceptional works of art that challenge the viewer and create value beyond the purely decorative.

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We are dedicated to our clients and follow a strict code of ethics to ensure maximum privacy. We never share personal information with third parties without written permission. Aesir Fine Art is an independent art advisory firm and not a dealer of fine art.

Secure Payments

To ensure the security of all financial transactions between buyers and sellers of artworks, Aesir Fine Art uses escrow services provided by Escrow.com. This way all parties involved can be sure to receive what is agreed upon beforehand and the funds are only released once the buyer has received and inspected the artwork in question.