Tailored Art Programmes for Medical Settings

There are many good reasons to buy art or even build a corporate art collection – even more so if you happen to be a provider of medical and healthcare services. 

Your patients likely experience a certain anxiety and distress prior to medical procedures. As a medical service professional it is in your interest to create an inviting environment and make your patient’s stay as pleasant as possible. Besides the facility’s layout and interior design, fine art can play an integral role in shaping your patient’s experience. It is even considered to have therapeutic value. In addition to that, it will increase your own and your employees wellbeing at work and give your workplace a personal touch.

It will also affect your reputation in positive ways that you might not have considered before. Businesses that offer goods and services of exceptional quality often affiliate themselves with art. Affluent patients will likely appreciate art and feel more connected to your business and its offering if art is part of the experience. 

There are financial benefits to consider as well. In many countries, it is possible to deduct expenses related to art and art advisory from taxes. Being an asset class in itself, fine art can also be an opportunity to diversify your investments. If you decide to build a corporate collection you also have the opportunity to turn it into a foundation at a later point – which comes with several benefits for your business. 

Due to our expertise in fine art and its markets we are able to assist you with these matters.

Real Estate and Properties Development 

Aesir Fine Art works with leading professionals within fields such as Real Estate Development and Real Estate Brokerage to create tailored art concepts for office buildings, hotels and private properties. 

It will not come as a surprise to you, that fine art and real estate are a powerful combination. Working with us, you will be able to offer art advisory as complementary service to your clients. This way, your properties will stand out from the competition and fine art will elevate the overall experience of your clients. This is especially relevant if you work with blue chip clients or develop properties for usage in the luxury sector. 

If you are a real estate professional, contact us to learn more about opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.